Seamless, third-party relief fund administration.

Disaster and hardship relief funds can be complicated, but with more than a decade of experience, we make it easy.
Emergency Assistance Foundation is a one-stop shop for relief fund administration, handling all the hard parts for you.

Regulatory compliance made easy.

We take the necessary steps to ensure that all of our relief funds comply with regulations, including but not limited to: IRS, SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA & LGPD.

Our charitable structure -- a public charity with Field-of-Interest Funds -- means that we are permitted to provide tax-advantaged relief for qualified disasters, non-qualified disasters, and hardships. This is not the case for the other charitable structures outlined below.

Global grantmaking expertise.

For multi-national organizations, the ability to award grants globally is essential to relief fund success. We have IRS approval to make grants in and outside the United States, and our proven systems are equipped to efficiently process high volumes of grants no matter the location.

We have our pulse on disaster events occurring around the world in real time, and our global team mobilizes instantly to get essential financial assistance directly into the hands of those impacted.


Tax-advantaged grants and donations.

Because we are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, public, non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible and all grants are tax free within in the United States.

In addition, our partner foundation in Canada (Emergency Assistance Foundation Canada) offers the opportunity to establish a relief fund that provides tax benefits for Canadian grant recipients and donors through non-taxable grants and donations that are eligible for a tax credit.

Tax-Deductible Donations

Tax-Free Grants

Focus on the applicant experience.

We understand that our grant applicants are going through tough times, so we strive to make the entire process as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Group 1200


Our team provides compassionate human interaction, supported by advanced technology.
Group 1196


Our team speaks over 20+ languages and has the ability to provide support in any language.
Group 1198


Applicants can interact with us via live chat, texting, click-to-call, and a fund-specific email address and phone number -- available 24/7.
Group 1194

Dynamic, cloud-
based applications.

Our confidential grant applications are user- friendly and can be translated into any language.

Our surveys give applicants the opportunity to provide feedback, helping us further refine our operations to provide best-in-class support. Here's what they tell us:


Erica, Grant Recipient:
"All I can say is: remarkable. This financial assistance has been such a big help in my life, and communication with Emergency Assistance Foundation’s team was effortless.

We all experience difficulties and need help sometimes, and I am so grateful!"

Knowing that I don’t have to have all the answers and I’m able to reach out to Emergency Assistance Foundation is really important. The helpline for employees is something that we really value; as a company with roughly 80,000 associates and growing every day, Emergency Assistance Foundation continues to meet our evolving needs.


Low fees.

We utilize a variable fee structure based on fund activity to keep costs low, and our basic fees for donation and standard application processing have not increased since our inception. We remain committed to minimizing fees so we can maximize the dollars sent to individuals in need. Based on our five-year average, 97% of donations are allocated to grant payments, while 3% go to administrative costs.

Each fund’s individual percentage of administration costs will differ based on donation contributions, grant size, chosen grant criteria, and program type.

Independent and objective administration.

As a third-party administrator, we independently manages all fund activities – including accepting donations, objectively reviewing grant applications, and awarding and distributing grants – while also maintaining legal and regulatory compliance.

Our third-party status means that our Fund Partners avoid liability issues and potential conflict with applicants. Further, our independence addresses the legal and regulatory requirement that grant decisions must not controlled by the fund’s sponsoring organization.

You never know when hardship is going to strike. You don’t know where it’s going to strike or who it may impact. We’ve learned that no one is immune to it, so we can all benefit from having a little bit of assistance to get us through rough times.


Real-time reporting.

Our relief fund reporting platform provides detailed metrics related to applications, donations, and grants.

This not only offers quick, actionable insights, but makes it easier than ever to track fund progress, make informed decisions, and analyze the fund's overall effectiveness and impact.

Quick, efficient disaster and hardship relief.

As a financial first responder, EAF is resourceful and fearless in ensuring assistance reaches individuals in need as quickly and efficiently as possible, no matter the obstacle.

We remain agile and adaptable by harnessing technology, developing scalable platforms and procedures, and constantly evaluating and improving our processes.

Supplemental to a fund's standard grant programs, our unique, low-cost Immediate Response Program rewards small grants quickly and efficiently in times of large-scale qualified disasters.


Ready to take care of your own?

Offering disaster and hardship relief for your employees can be quick and easy. Our experts are ready to get you started today, and we'll handle all the hard parts along the way.