Are You Ready?

Whatever the scenario — a sudden disaster strikes your domestic or international community, or an employee faces a personal, financial hardship — is your company ready to help? Do your employees even know you have an assistance program in place? If so, how easy is it for them to apply? Can co-workers employees help by making tax-deductible donations? Is your grant-making process fast, multilingual and tax-free to the recipient? Finally, are you absolutely sure that your employee-assistance program is 100 percent compliant from a tax, legal and regulatory standpoint? If you answered NO to any of these questions, keep reading.

We Are.

  • * We drive the costs of Employee relief Funds down to provide the most dollars possible to employees in need around the world
  • * We continually simplify and shorten the time between application submission and receiving a grant
  • * We constantly add and improve innovative methods, communication tools and education to improve Employee Relief Funds
  • * Come learn with us.

Within 48-hours, Emergency Assistance Foundation, Inc., can optimize your existing employee relief fund program, or even establish and administer a new one. Using the industry’s best-practice models, we analyze your program's performance in the application, grant making, oversight, communication and fundraising processes. Further, we’ve designed our global services to be low-cost and tax-efficient, while allowing for the maximum public charity tax benefits for you and your employees. Let's get started!

Quick & Easy Setup

It's easy to get your fund established effortlessly, implemented quickly, and running successfully using our six simple steps.
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Best-Practice Design

Our experienced professionals have designed a program using the Employee Disaster Relief industry’s best practices.
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Stress-Free Administration

We take the hassle out of administering your fund. We handle the application submission, review, grant payments, and more – no headaches for you!
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Online Applications

We provide customized, web-based grant applications for your fund, so your employees can complete submissions, make donations, and retrieve information – all online!
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