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Whatever the scenario - a sudden disaster strikes your domestic or international community, or an employee faces a personal, financial hardship - is your company ready to help? Do your employees know you have an assistance program in place? If so, how easy is it for them to apply? Can employees help by making tax-deductible donations to help their co-workers? Is your grant-making process fast, multilingual and tax-free to the recipient? Finally, are you absolutely sure that your employee-assistance program is 100 percent compliant from a tax, legal and regulatory standpoint? If you answered NO to any of these questions, keep reading.

How a Fund Works

Who We Are?

  • We drive the costs of Employee Relief Funds down to provide the most dollars possible to employees in need around the world.
  • We continually simplify and shorten the time between application submission and receiving a grant.
  • We constantly add and improve innovative methods, communication tools and education to improve Employee Relief Funds.
  • Come learn with us.
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Within 48-hours, Emergency Assistance Foundation, Inc., can optimize your existing employee relief fund program, or even establish and administer a new one. Using the industry’s best-practice models, we analyze your program's performance in the application, grant making, oversight, communication and fundraising processes. Further, we’ve designed our global services to be low-cost and tax-efficient, while allowing for the maximum public charity tax benefits for you and your employees.

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Meet the Team

Douglas Stockham


Bryan Clontz

Founder, Secretary & Advisor to the President

Christy LeLait

Vice President Grant Management & Partner Relations

Melanie Watson

Executive Vice President - Internal Operations