Turkey & Syria Earthquake


A devastating, costly earthquake.

On February 6, 2023, a powerful earthquake devastated vast areas of southern Turkey and northwest Syria, killing more than 55 thousand and leaving millions of people in the region struggling to rebuild their lives. Damages were estimated at US$104 billion in Turkey and US$14.8 billion in Syria, making them the fourth-costliest earthquakes on record.



Measurable relief.

Together with our Fund Partners, we worked to ensure financial assistance reached those in need.


In their own words.

Below are some first-hand stories from grant recipients.


“I applied for this grant after the big earthquake struck here in Turkey. In the aftermath, I had incurred many additional expenses and receiving this support provided such great relief to my family!

In addition, this kind of support has increased my appreciation and loyalty to my company.

In life, people are faced with unexpected events when they least expect it. Taking just a few minutes to see yourself in the shoes of others will greatly build empathy in our world - thank you so much for your generous donations!”

-Salih, Grant Recipient

"I applied for a grant because I needed financial assistance after the disaster. This grant was a blessing for me! When I had nothing left, this grant came through for me and my son quickly. We had no one else to depend on or ask for help - so being able to receive this assistance without having to pay it back kept us moving forward. My son and I are forever grateful for this generous donation to us. Donors have made it possible for what seems like a second chance at life when it seems there is not much hope left. Donors don’t have to donate anything, but they do. That’s what makes this grant all the more valuable, knowing it comes from genuine, kind and selfless people. We thank the donors again very much and soon hope to return the favor in the near future for someone else in need. The gift that keeps giving… thank you."

-Zeki, Grant Recipient

“I want to thank the community of givers. Your charity does reach those in need, and help to prevent a bad situation from being much worse. When we feel there is no one that cares, not only does assistance like this save us financially from the situation, but it also helps us mentally from spiraling into despair about the circumstance. This is what community is supposed to be! Knowing there are individuals out there who care without even knowing us personally, makes a world of difference. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!"

-Nehir, Grant Recipient


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