Winter Storm Uri


The costliest winter storm on record.

In 2021, Winter Storm Uri devastated Texas with snow, sleet, freezing rain, and extreme cold temperatures. This severe weather resulted in power outages, road closures, loss of heat, broken pipes, and more. Nearly 70% of Texans lost power at some point, with the storm also contributing to over 200 deaths and financial losses estimated to be between $80 and $130 billion. In response to this disaster, Emergency Assistance Foundation awarded more than 9,500 grants to those in need, providing essential assistance on the path to recovery.



Measurable relief.

Together with our Fund Partners, we worked to ensure financial assistance reached those in need.


In their own words.

Below are some first-hand stories from individuals who received grants in the aftermath of Winter Storm Uri.



“Because of the Texas winter storm and the power grid going out, having no power caused medical issues for my wife. She is on 24-hour oxygen and uses a BIPAP at night.

Having no oxygen and no heat was extremely dangerous for her. The emergency tank we had depleted in 12 hours, no replacements to be had as the Dallas area was at a standstill. This grant allowed us to get into a hotel with consistent power.

-Maritza, Grant Recipient

“I live in Texas and was impacted by the winter storm that left my family and I without water or lights for over four days, forcing us to find shelter elsewhere. Then, our pipes wound up bursting and caused major damage to our home.

This grant has helped tremendously with recovering essentials that were ruined by the flood and replacing food that was lost due to the electricity being out.

-Jason, Grant Recipient

"During a severe snowstorm, we lost power and heat to our home. We had to call an emergency electrician and it took three days to fix. We have nine children. The expenses of having to stay somewhere else, losing almost all of our food and the repair bill, crippled us financially. We desperately needed help. Receiving this grant has lifted some of the emotional and mental strain that I have been experiencing as a result of this situation. I encourage anyone who is in a similar situation to apply."

-Jessica, Grant Recipient


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