Israel-Palestine Conflict


An ongoing humanitarian crisis.

As the devastating Israel-Palestine conflict continues, millions are facing a devastating humanitarian crisis with a dire need for relief. Together with our Fund Partners, we are working to ensure emergency financial assistance reaches those in need.



Measurable relief.

Together with our Fund Partners, we are working to ensure financial assistance reaches those in need.


In their own words.

Below are some first-hand stories from individuals who received grants amidst the Israel-Palestine conflict.

"I am a university student, I live alone, and all my family members are traveling due to study and work obligations. I remained here alone in an apartment in the city of Ramallah in the middle of Palestine. In light of the circumstances that occurred recently, I was facing difficulty in moving and working in order to afford my rent and living expenses. Therefore, it was so wonderful to have been awarded this grant. I hope that everyone who needs such aid will receive it. As my hours have been cut due to the unsafe situation, this grant has helped me support myself with basic necessities until the situation returns to normal and I return to my usual working hours.

Thank you very much. You have given us a chance to live in light of the circumstances that have negatively affected all of us. I am grateful to every person who has donated, especially during these difficult times."

"Because my country is suffering from war and my hours at work have been cut, I applied for this grant in order to afford my monthly diabetes medicine, which is very expensive as it is not covered by my insurance.

This grant will help keep me healthy and assist with my living expenses during this tumultuous time. Thank you for your generous donations. You can never imagine how much this grant can impact the life of those who suffer, and how much this grant will assist those who are struggling to afford medicine and food. Thank you for making this possible!"


"This grant will support me financially because working conditions in our country have deteriorated. The grant helped me pay off a few of my accumulated obligations, as there is no alternative job opportunity available in the current conditions our country is going through. I truly appreciate your support through this relief fund!"


“I applied for a grant due to the economic conditions that the country is going through due to the war. This grant will provide basic needs and help myself and fellow employees bridge the economic and financial gap that the country is experiencing during this war period. I extend my sincere thanks to the donors for the assistance they provided to help us through. This grant helped me personally and the relief fund deepened my loyalty to the company I have been working with for over 5 years, and continue to do so despite the current conditions."



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