Typhoon Mawar, Guam


Guam’s strongest storm in decades.

In May of 2023, Typhoon Mawar struck Guam, leaving residents with damage, water supply issues and widespread power outages. With its hurricane-force winds and overwhelming rainfall, the storm was the strongest to impact Guam in decades.



Measurable relief.

Together with our Fund Partners, we worked to ensure financial assistance reached those in need.


In their own words.

Below are some first-hand stories from individuals who received grants in the aftermath of Typhoon Mawar.

“In the aftermath of Typhoon Mawar here in Guam, the grant provided financial assistance at a speed faster than our local and federal governments. Most of the island’s suppliers were offline and only accepting cash. I was able to access cash for food, water, cleaning supplies, gas, and other necessities quickly and efficiently.

I believe others might benefit from this immediate relief during the initial devastating stages where everything seems uncertain. I would like to deeply thank those who have donated to the fund and made the grant award possible for me and others who are experiencing similar difficulties. I am grateful for the immediate support they have provided in helping us recover from the devastation of Typhoon Mawar.”

-Val, Grant Recipient

“Our home in Guam was hit by Typhoon Mawar. We did not have easy access to food, water, and electricity for weeks. It was especially challenging for me living alone and being almost 9 months pregnant. This relief fund was made available by our company to help with our daily expenses as we continue to push through and work hard to take care of our patients who were likely devastated by the typhoon. The destruction caused by the storm had brought about plenty of unexpected expenses. Knowing that a relief fund was readily available for us helped alleviate the anxiety and stress of having to make ends meet during this crisis.”

-Irish, Grant Recipient

“We were hit by Typhoon Mawar, causing the roof of my house to cave in. This grant has helped me to replenish my funds that I had to use to recover directly after the storm. It’s also going to help me repair some broken structures in my house. I would like to thank all those who have donated and contributed making it possible for me not worry or stress on how I am going to recover from this storm. This makes me even more proud to be a part of my organization. I will definitely make a donation to help those who may suffer future natural disasters so they can appreciate and feel less worrisome on how to move forward from disasters.”

-Elorde, Grant Recipient


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