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Prosocial Motivation: Increase Employee Productivity and Connection While Building Your Fund

Do you want employees to feel more connected to your company?Would you like to see an increase in worker productivity?Would you like to increase your worker retention rates?Are you looking to improve the flow of donations to your fund?

Understanding Prosocial Motivation could be the […]

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Ideas for Increasing Participation in Employee Relief Funds

Employees engage with company-sponsored emergency relief funds in two ways: 

as the chief revenue providers, through donations to the fund, as beneficiaries of the fund when hardship or disaster strikes.

Increasing employee awareness of and participation in the fund is critical to its success. Here are […]

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Fundraising: Time to Think Outside the Box

While most emergency assistance funds rely almost extensively on employer contributions for funding, there are many ways to raise money at the outset and over the long-term that go beyond employee contributions. To maximize a fund’s potential, it is important to think outside the box and […]

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Why You Should Continue to Monitor Your Employee Relief Fund

You would never set up an investment portfolio and not monitor it or make changes depending on the economy and your personal circumstances. For the same reason, you should not fail to regularly review and monitor your emergency assistance fund. The continued success of the fund depends on […]

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Employee Relief Funds: Three Design Considerations

When setting up an emergency assistance fund, many companies forge ahead without putting much thought into the best practices in creating these types of programs. Failure to do so always results in a fund that is less efficient, and therefore more expensive and less effective, than it could […]

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