Testimonials about our dynamic application and grant process.
It's super easy! Once you have all of your necessary documents in order, the program and its team are there to help you complete the application. Thankfully, all of the agents were so amazing, kind and patient will all of my questions, assisting me all along the way! The anticipation of it all was a bit nerve racking, but very much worth it.


The process was easy. I felt so stressed out, overwhelmed & frustrated about not having enough PTO/sick time and how I was going to pay my bills. I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders and I am extremely grateful for this! I am truly touched and very grateful! As a healthcare worker, we are constantly being exposed to Covid-19 especially now that we have an influx of transient/seasonal patients here in FL and it is very scary to not be able to work and stress about how your bills are going to get paid! Thank you so very much!!! A burden has been lifted off my shoulders!


Never be too proud to ask for financial assistance. This process was easy, and although the grant may not cover all expenses, just knowing that some monetary assistance may be available was a big stress reliever. Like most things in life, until someone needs to utilize an assistance program, people often don’t think about them. Just knowing that there are people out there, giving to this fund without second thoughts, is very heart-warming. Your kindness and generosity is appreciated, YOU are appreciated!


This is the first time I have ever requested financial assistance. After my husband passed, there were thousands of dollars that were owed to the hospital, the ambulance company and the doctor. What was once two incomes in our household had now become one and I had no idea how I would be able to pay any of this. With the help of the Emergency Assistance Foundation and the kind donations the Fund received from very thoughtful and selfless individuals I was able to have so much of that stress lifted. I was very fortunate to have found an organization that is willing to help me. I felt humbled and grateful that there are kind people out in the world that actually care wholeheartedly and with compassion. To say thank you for those of you that have donated to this fund is not enough, it doesn't even cover the weight that was lifted, the gratitude I felt in my heart, the feeling of thankfulness and peace I felt inside of which your kind donations to this organization you gave. Having to deal with my loss is a daily thing, however I am able to focus on my healing, I believe, because the worry I had from the medical bills was subdued by your thoughtfulness and your generosity.


Thank you to all employees who think of their fellow co-workers and donate to make difficult times less stressful. We are all blessed to have an employer and co-workers who want to help each other. Life happens. This fund is here to help reduce some of the stress you are dealing with.


Every day, I wear this mask of "everything's fine!" but I am really spending 10 hours a day trying to figure out how to make my next rent payment or next electric bill payment while also trying to ensure I do a great job at my day job. This grant makes it a little bit easier to breathe because of you and for that, I cannot stress this enough: thank you for giving us some sort of break from stressing about money; thank you for being our saving grace.


I would like to express my thankfulness once again for all you have done to assist me with my grant from this Relief Fund. Please thank the final reviewer that approved this grant for me as well. This assistance will greatly help me get caught up on my financial situation. I have maxed out all of my credit options I had available and had almost nothing left to turn to. At this time I can make my monthly expenses once again without going further into debt and pay down some of my debt that I had run up. May God bless you both for the service that you provide to those in need.


It is awesome to work for an employer that truly wants to help employees during difficult times. Please, if you are struggling, at least check to see if your circumstances qualify. It will only help lift some of the stress you deal with when a tragedy hits your family. I am so appreciative of the assistance I have received.