During qualified disasters, the recommended first step is to launch an Immediate Response Program (IRP). Our unique, low-cost IRP awards small grants (<$1,000) quickly and efficiently in times of large-scale disasters.

IRPs are supplemental to the Fund’s Standard Grant Program, which can provide larger dollar amounts and may cover expanded grant criteria. This process has a slightly longer lead time, but results in significant and sustainable impact.
My husband and I both contracted COVID-19 at the same time, and therefore were both out of work with no pay. My husband's condition worsened to the point where he was unable to take care of himself - I had become his caregiver while also dealing with my own illness. On top of this was the unsettling panic of figuring out how we were going to pay our bills or even buy food during this time. Our savings had been wiped out and we continued to experience hardships caused by the virus. This grant helped us tremendously and brought some form of peace during this very difficult time. We appreciate all the help was provided to us.


Due to the unexpected and severe Texas winter storm, my family lost electricity for a week, causing us to have to relocate to a hotel for shelter. Meanwhile, our pipes had frozen and burst, causing extensive water damage to my property. When you are not prepared for a disaster, it can put an awful financial strain on your already tight budget. This grant allowed me to get caught up on necessary expenses, such as replacing food. It has taken an enormous amount of stress off my shoulders. I'm so grateful that my employer offers this assistance.