Measuring our impact.

We often speak to the data surrounding what we do – the donations received and the grants awarded. But we never forget that behind every number is a real person who we’re helping on their path to recovery.


In the past three years alone...

Through rapidly increasing natural disasters, a global pandemic, and heartbreaking personal hardships, these past few years have seen unprecedented levels of uncertainty and need around the world. Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to ensure financial assistance reaches the employees of our Fund Partners when they need it most.




families helped


in assistance


The perfect way to give back.

A relief fund is fueled by donations - from both the sponsoring organization and fellow employees looking to make a direct, positive impact on the lives of their fellow team members in need.

Group 189

in total donations received (2020-2023)

    • Corporate donations50%
    • Individual donations30%


    EAF - by the numbers.

    As the oldest and largest third-party employee relief fund administrator, we’ve streamlined the entire grant process to provide assistance to team members in need around the world, no matter the location or unique circumstance.


    Real-world impact.

    Beyond offering needed financial assistance, sponsoring a relief fund is shown to improve company culture, increase employee engagement, and save your team valuable resources.

    We asked our grant recipients to share how the assistance has impacted their lives. Here's a look at what they said:

    Group 1345

    Felt more positively toward their employer (or the fund sponsor)

    Group 1351

    Felt the grant provided breathing room so they could figure out next steps

    Group 1347

    Felt less stressed or worried overall

    Group 1349

    Felt better able to focus on their work

    Group 1355

    Avoided a late fee on at least one bill

    Group 1357

    Felt better able to focus on their personal relationships

    Group 1361

    Avoided their services or utilities being shut off

    Group 1363

    Avoided eviction or foreclosure (or an eviction/foreclosure notice)


    Helping families all over the world recover and rebuild.

    No matter where your team members are located, help is on its way. From volcanic eruptions in Tonga to flooding in Kentucky and the conflict in Ukraine, we have provided financial assistance in over 90 countries. Below are some of the key disaster events we have responded to within the past three years alone.


    Ready to take care of your own?

    Offering disaster and hardship relief for your team is only a few clicks away - we’re prepared and ready to help you get started today.