Hurricane Ian


A catastrophic, deadly storm.

Making landfall in September 2022, Hurricane Ian (a category 5 storm) became the third-costliest weather disaster on record, and the deadliest hurricane to strike the state of Florida. Ian caused widespread damage across western Cuba, Florida, and the Carolinas.



Measurable relief.

Together with our Fund Partners, we worked to ensure financial assistance reached those in need.


In their own words.

Below are some first-hand stories from individuals who received grants in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

“Hurricane lan made landfall in my home town of Fort Myers, Florida and caused extensive damage. My home was flooded with 2 feet of storm surge, totaling both of my vehicles and destroyed nearly all of our personal property. This grant helped offset the cost of my flood insurance deductible, allowing me to start the process of water mitigation and getting my home certified mold free from the water damage.

Thank you for helping carry some of the financial burden that my familv and I have incurred from this devastating storm. In the first few days after the storm, trying to process all the damage and loss was extremely overwhelming, the uncertainty of being able to financially recover from the initial out of pocket expenses kept me from sleeping, and also made me feel physically sick. The grant being awarded was a major boost to both morale and quality of life. Thank you for making a difference!”

-Andrew, Grant Recipient

“Our home was severely damaged by Hurricane lan, and we lost everything inside and outside of our house. Our home is still not even close to livable 4+ months later. This grant helped us with expenses for clothing and basic kitchen essentials we needed to replace after the hurricane.

Anyone faced with the full devastation of these natural disasters should feel they are not alone and that others are willing to help. It is through the assistance and kindness of others that we are able to start to rebuild our lives. Thank you for your kindness. It has helped us to move forward and relieved us of some of the financial stress in these difficult times.”

-Rebecca, Grant Recipient

"Hurricane lan was the worst disaster I’ve ever experienced. Insurance only helped with so much and the remaining costs stemming from the damages were substantial. If not for the grant, it would have put my daughter and I into a dire financial hardship.

As a single father trying to raise my daughter on my own, I’m constantly stretched thin financially as I work to ensure my daughter has everything she deserves and needs to be successful. This fund took away the extra stress in worrying how I was going to afford my deductible and pay for the additional damages. My daughter and I can’t thank you enough for your help!"

-Jonah, Grant Recipient


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