How a Fund Works

Below is a diagram of how an efficient and effective Employer-Sponsored Employee Hardship and Disaster Relief Fund Program operates. Read the process diagram below.

  • 1 Create Your Fund

    An employer creates and names a custom fund within the Emergency Assistance Foundation, Inc. (EAF). This fund is for the exclusive benefit of that employer's Employee Hardship and Disaster Relief Fund.
  • 2 Employee/Employer Donations

    Donations can be made by employee contributions (through payroll deduction, credit or debit card); by the employer (usually through a donation-matching program or direct contributions); by the employer’s foundation; or from fund-raising events.
  • 3 Accept Employee Applications

    Employees seeking assistance complete applications for grants, which EAF will review.
  • 4 Initial Application Review

    Initial application review to determine if a qualifying emergency or hardship exists and that all required documentation has been received. The applicant will be contacted if additional information is needed.
  • 5 Final Review

    Trained EAF personnel conduct final reviews of completed applications to determine if they meet the criteria established specifically for your company’s Employee Relief Fund. After the review, the grant requests are either accepted or denied based on the objective criteria. EAF determines the proper grant amount for approved applications.
  • 6 Funds Granted & Distributed

    Grants are made directly to vendors/service providers on behalf of the employee applicant or directly to the employee applicant in accordance with the employer's guidelines.