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Below, find testimonials from individuals around the world who have been helped by our relief funds.


“Typhoon Odette had destroyed our house, leaving us homeless. After experiencing such a devastating and unexpected disaster, this grant was a huge help. It allowed my family – including my newborn daughter - to start over and find a safe, new place to call home. A relief fund like this one could be benefit so many others in need (just like we were!) and serve as motivation to persevere in the face of hopelessness. You made our new lives possible. You helped us strive and fight for better days. Without you, we would not know where and how to start. Thank you so much!"

- Marietta, Grant Recipient

"I was in a physically abusive marriage with a husband who has a history of domestic violence. When I filed for divorce, he left and took all of his financial resources. He was the sole income for myself and our two children. The grant was able to help me with a house payment, daycare, groceries, and utilities. It couldn't have come at a better time. I wasn't sure how I was going to keep the roof over our heads. We are still in the mix of the storm, but the grant was able to help take some of the load off of my shoulders."

- Sandra, Grant Recipient

"I live in Ukraine near the border of Russia, which is currently a war zone. I applied for a grant because my autistic child needs expensive medicine, and this past month, my house was damaged after explosive shelling. Now, we need to renovate the house so that we can continue to live in it. With this grant, I will be able to repair our house and get ready for the winter without having to sacrifice my child's medical care. Thank you very much for your help, you are all very good people that help others in need! "

- Kateryna, Grant Recipient

"I live in Texas and was impacted by a winter storm that left my family and I without water or lights for over four days, forcing us to find shelter elsewhere. Then, our pipes wound up bursting and caused major damage to our home. This grant has helped tremendously with recovering essentials that were ruined by the flood and replacing food that was lost due to the electricity being out."

-Jordan, Grant Recipient
  • Jenn
    I applied for the grant in order to help me after breaking away from a domestic abuse situation. The grant helped me greatly. Searching for apartments is an extremely difficult task for single mothers, and this grant helped me move out and take care of my children. I am very thankful that this program is available to people who truly need help. To everyone who donated, from the depths of my spirit, I would like to say thank you for everything you have done to make this program possible. We all need a little help in life and for people like me, who found themselves in a very difficult situation, and needed a little relief from a very heavy burden, this program has done that. When I am fully on my feet I am inspired to donate myself so I can pay it forward to another individual who is trying their hardest to navigate through difficult circumstances. If there were more programs like this, the world would be such a better place.
    Grant Recipient
  • Jessica
    I was a victim of domestic violence – this grant helped my family become whole again. After leaving and facing homelessness for a time, I was finally able to get my own apartment to bring my family home. Thank you for making life a little easier for me. It was truly a weight lifted off my shoulders as I was starting to lose hope. The moment I was awarded the grant I cried of happiness. I knew that dark chapter of my life was ending and something new was starting.
    Grant Recipient
  • Katessa
    After being diagnosed with kidney cancer and knowing that I would have to have surgery and possibly other treatments, I greatly worried about how I would pay for all of the hospital bills. I do have medical insurance but it does not cover everything. When I applied for the grant and received the notification that a portion of my medical bills was paid, I was so relieved. Having that bill paid helped ease the financial burden of all the medical bills that I have acquired. I am so grateful for everyone that has donated to the fund, without you I would still being worrying about my medical bills and now I am able to focus more on recovery than money. This grant has put a large dent in my medical bill debt that I will forever be grateful for. It is a blessing not to have to worry about financial problems when you are trying to recover from cancer and surgery. Thank you so much, you are all a blessing.
    Grant Recipient
  • Monica
    Due to a serious injury, I was hospitalized for almost 3 months, and the hospital bills quickly piled up. Although my insurance covered most of my expenses, there were still some bills that I had to cover - and since I was unable to work, I was struggling to find a way to pay them. Good thing this relief fund exists! It has strengthened my commitment to my company and to my job here. My company supported me at my worst and in return I will dedicate my service for as long as I live. Thank you to an organization and to fellow team members that truly care.
    Grant Recipient

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