Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Right now, Employee Relief Funds are the easiest and fastest way to get financial assistance to employees impacted by the
Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

The Emergency Assistance Foundation can provide financial assistance to your employees in just a few days after an Immediate Response Program (IRP) is launched. Below are resources for both existing and potential EAF Fund Partners.

If you are an existing EAF Fund Partner

Read FAQs regarding EAF’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) response.

Join the COVID-19 discussion in the Employee Relief Fund Education Group online member forum.

The Employee Relief Fund Education Group (ERFEG) is a place to access exclusive resources, connect, engage, and learn about employee relief funds.

As an EAF Fund Partner, you are automatically enrolled in an ERFEG membership.

This gives you full access to all member resources, educational content, and networking opportunities. If you have trouble logging in:

  1. Visit the dashboard.
  2. Click "Lost your password?"
  3. Reset your password using your email address.

If you are interested in setting up an employee relief fund

Please complete this contact form and an EAF expert will reply with next steps

Read about EAF and our response to COVID-19.

Watch this webinar covering how employee relief funds work.

Learn more about our Applicant Review & Support process.

If you are an employee in need of assistance

Visit our EAF Resources website for general information links to local resources, disaster preparedness education, financial learning tools, and more.